Driven by the belief that innovative thinking prevails

When Dr. S. Vijaya Kumar, Chairman instituted Vijay Nirman in 1982, he embarked upon the path of creating an entity that would not only create iconic industrial, civil, residential and commercial developments and infrastructure across India, but also truly deliver what clients look for as its trustworthy problem solver. He also aspired to nurture a work environment that was inspiring, challenging, and respectful.

Over the last three decades, Team Vijay Nirman has contributed wholeheartedly for achieving the company’s vision of keeping clients satisfied through exemplary work. Under the founder’s tutelage, the team has maintained the flexibility to adapt swiftly to changing requirements and is driven by the belief that with innovative thinking it can solve toughest engineering challenges.

425 completed projects and turnover of Rs.60 billions crossed in the last 5 years stand testimony to the company’s phenomenal project management capabilities, specialised domain expertise and exceptional customer service. The outcome of its success has also led to focus on employing and enhancing the skill-set of highly potential professionals, calibrating internal processes and compounding capabilities.